Twitter is contacting several employees to return from last week’s mass layoffs, according to multiple reports.

The company’s new owner, Elon Musk, fired 3,700 people from Company Nearly half of the  employees – after completing the takeover.

Bloomberg report

A Bloomberg report citing sources said the company asked some people back because they were fired “by mistake.” He also noted that he called back other employees because they were key to building functionality for the platform envisioned by Musk.

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In addition, several posts on the anonymous application Blind also indicate that Company may have withdrawn some employees. Casey Newton also reported in a thread that on internal Slack, remaining employees were asked to make a list of potential candidates who could be called back.

Departments from where Employees were fired

The company has laid off people in several departments, including human rights, accessibility, machine learning ethics, transparency and accountability, advertising, marketing, media, engineering and conservation. . So it came as no surprise that he realized that some of these could be key to keeping the platform running smoothly and working on new features.

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Weeks after taking over the company, Musk has promised a bunch of new features like an improved verification process and a new Twitter Blue experience for $8. The Tesla CEO also sets very tight deadlines for the rollout of the feature. With so many people being laid off in all functions, it can be difficult for the remaining employees to get the job done on time. Musk and his team have promised to create things like long text attachments to tweets and a new version of TweetDeck.

New Twitter CEO

According to tweets from a former employee, several people on the teams that worked on those features were fired. Furthermore, The New Twitter CEO also promised to create a paywall feature with a group of publishers a few days after the end of a similar program that is part of the Twitter Blue subscription.

Last week, a group of former Twitter employees filed a class-action lawsuit against the company for not giving them adequate notice before firing them. The case alleges that Twitter violated worker protection laws such as the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act as well as California’s WARN law — both of which require 60-day notice before firing, mass waste.

Job cuts weren’t the only tumult on Twitter after Musk took over. The product launch was also a mess. From the Last Week, several people received a notification on their iOS devices that the company was rolling out a blue check mark for those willing to pay $8 per month. However, Esther Crawford, Twitter’s product manager, clarified that these announcements are only part of an experiment. On this weekend, Twitter reportedly halted plans to roll out the new verification system until after the midterm elections on Tuesday in the United States.

Twitter did not comment on the story, but that may be because all communications staff have been fired.

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  1. […] Read : Twitter is asking some employees to come back, After laying off half of its employees […]

  2. […] Read More : Twitter is asking some employees to come back, After laying off half of its employees […]

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