What is a bot? Many tedious Human chores have been minimized Thanks to Technological Advancement. The repetitious tasks are programmed to run autonomously without human intervention. Automation is the programming of repeated tasks. Automation is the development of computer programmes that function or react in a predetermined way without or with little help from humans. In comparison to humans, these Automated Algorithms are shown to be more effective, trustworthy, and quick. Let’s look at the definition of a bot. and the various bots sub-types.

  1. What is a Bot?
  2. Types of Bot?

What is a Bot?

How do bot work? Technology has reduced the Amount of laborious human tasks significantly. The repetitive tasks have been programmed to operate automatically without human input. The coding of repetitive operations is automation. Automation is the creation of computer programmes that work independently of or with minimal assistance from humans to perform or respond in a preset manner. These computerized algorithms have been found to be quicker, more reliable, and more efficient than people. The definition of a bot and its different sub types will be discussed.

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Types Of Bots

Numerous different bots are active on the Internet. Bots can be harmful or benign, depending on the situation. Bot can be classified into a few different categories, including:

  1. ChatBot
  2. Social Bot
  3. Shop Bot
  4. Know Bot
  5. Spiders or Crawlers
  6. Web Scraping Crawlers
  7. Monitoring Bot
  8. Transactional Bot
  9. The Ticketing Bot
  10. Bot Activity, both Bad and Good


These tools can mimic spoken interactions between people. Eliza, an NLP computer created in 1966 as a Massachusetts Institute of Technology research project, was one of the earliest and most well-known chatbot before the internet. A chatbot that appeared to be a psychotherapist responded to queries by asking Additional ones. Virtual Assistants like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa are some more recent instances of chatbot.


These bots, which are frequently referred to as opinion bot, have an impact on user conversations on social media sites.


Many of these applications search the internet for the greatest deal on a product a user is interested in purchasing. The Shopify chatbot and other shopbot allow store owners to automate marketing and customer service.

Know Bots

These tools help users learn by automatically browsing websites and retrieving data that satisfies predetermined criteria. Initially, knowbot were employed as a redundant computerized helper.

Spiders or Crawlers

These bots, often referred to as web crawlers, browse websites and collect content for indexes in search engines like Google and Bing.

Web Scraping Crawlers

Similar to crawlers, but for the purpose of collecting data and retrieving pertinent information from websites.

Monitoring Bots

These can be used to keep an eye on a system’s or website’s functionality.

Transactional Bots

These bots are made to make actions that a person would typically complete over the phone easier, such blocking a credit card that has been reported stolen or verifying a bank’s hours of operation.

The Ticketing Bots

The bots are set up to purchase tickets for popular events. The tickets will be resold with the goal of making a profit. they are made to act like people buying tickets, mimicking human behavior. The Automated bot are thought to purchase between 40% and 95% of the tickets. Although it is not against the law, several nations consider this type of ticket purchasing to be illegal.

Bot Activity, both Bad and Good

Humans train bot to perform specific actions or tasks. It is possible for the programmed action to be malevolent or not. An Evil bot is made to steal sensitive information or infect the host with a virus. Cyber criminals created the bot as malware to obtain the necessary data. Cybercriminals may utilize the data, among other things, for spamming and DDOS assaults.

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The purpose of malicious bot is to connect the target’s system back to the main server by infecting it. The server assumes control of the target’s machine after the connection has been made. The following tasks are carried out by malicious bots.

  • Inventory Denial Attacks
  • Scraping Bot
  • Credential filling Attacks
  • DDoS attack

Websites may keep an eye on hazardous bot Activity and take preventative measures to safeguard themselves. To focus on finding the malicious bot activity, the bot traffic can be watched. Google Analytics is used to identify website bot traffic.

Non-malicious Bots, usually referred to as good bot, are made to efficiently carry out repetitive activities. They speed up task completion and reduce human effort. Two instances of excellent bot are:

  • Mobile Monkey and SIRI are two instances of Chatbot. Ai Chatbot named TeeCee is offered by Thomas Cook.
  • Search Engine Bots, The Google search engine utilizes the Googlebot.


Depending on the goal of creation, bot can be made harmful or benign. Cyber criminals choose the reason for the bot’s construction. Simple examples include spreading malware or gaining more followers for the social network account. Today, Robots have mostly replaced humans in our daily lives. As a result, it is important to understand how bot might harm.

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