A few New Products from ASUS, including an OLED ExpertBook B9 and a few Wi-Fi 7 routers, were Already unveiled at CES 2023. The business also revealed a few Gaming goods, including the new ROG Azoth wireless keyboard.

Asus keyboard 2023



The company’s first Specially made 75%-size wireless Gaming keyboard is the ROG Azoth, which is marketed under the Republic of Gamers name by ASUS. The ROG NX mechanical switches are used, which include “pre-lubed stems and base housings that Deliver a smoother click feel and prevent spring bouncing noises,” According to the manufacturer. If you want to travel down the customizability rabbit hole, you can even alter the switches.

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The 2-inch OLED screen, which is situated in the keyboard’s top-right corner, is among this device’s most unusual elements. It shows the connection mode, battery level, keyboard, Caps Lock status, and multimedia information. Even certain information from the linked computer, such as the CPU’s current temperature, can be displayed on the panel. For navigating the accessible information, there is a three-way control knob and button.

Several different connecting options are available for the ROG Azoth. With a USB adaptor, the ROG SpeedNova 2.4 GHz low-latency wireless functions similarly to other wireless PC keyboards. A Bluetooth mode is also available, which may be perfect for tablets or other non-gaming applications. The internal battery of the keyboard will also be charged when you plug in the USB cable for a Direct connection. The cutting-edge software features work with Windows 10, 11, and macOS.

In its Statement, ASUS Made no Mention of any Pricing or Availability Details.

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