According to the circulating screenshot of GB WhatsApp data leaking, it is said that private data of GB WhatsApp users has been compromised.

The screenshot is trending on Twitter and Instagram also “USA-CERT” is mentioned in screenshot as you can see in picture above but this news is not yet verified or officially published by USA CERT official twitter page.

So, may be it is just a rumour or may be GB WhatsApp users data is compromised but it is still not announced by any official organisation.

But we recommend to use official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, do not use any third party WhatsApp:

for example:

  1. GB WhatsApp
  2. Yolo WhatsApp
  3. Yoyo WhatsApp
  4. Pink WhatsApp
  5. Gold WhatsApp
  6. Or any other WhatsApp except Official WhatsApp

If you are using any other third party WhatsApp then backup your data and do hard reset so your privacy will not be compromised or leaked.

To download Official WhatsApp always use official mobile stores like: App Store, Play Store, Huawei App Gallery, Windows store or any other stores which comes in mobile.

Before using WhatsApp web always check the link in address bar. Link should be same like in picture below.


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