Microsoft has been rapidly Acquiring New Companies. Netflix will be added to the software tycoon’s list of significant acquisitions in 2023.

Microsoft Shopping List

The first step involved buying the popular video game Minecraft for $2.5 billion. Microsoft later purchased Nuance, a Developer of Speech Recognition and Artificial intelligence, for $20 billion, and LinkedIn for $26 billion. The largest Goal, at $69 billion, was Activision Blizzard.

Microsoft is also battling American trust regulators to purchase the company that created Call of Duty. Given that it currently shares a building with the Xbox game system, it has given rise to regulatory worries about market domination. Even if Micro soft loses the video game business due to market competition, owning Net flix would still be a wise strategic move and make it simpler to sell in Brussels or Washington.

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Microsoft and Netflix

The two businesses get along well. Microsoft was chosen by Net flix as its advertising partner for a brand-new subscription service that is ad-supported. The president of Microsoft, Brad Smith, is also a representative on the Net flix board. Microsoft agreed to have many devices support its video game streaming services.

Netflix has ambitious gaming intentions. Spry Fox, a developer, was purchased by Reed Hastings, one of the company’s co-leaders, to serve as its sixth studio. If Micro soft joined its empire, those goals would be advanced. It is simple to see a package that combines streaming TV with video games.

Compared to Netflix, Micro soft has a 13-fold higher market capitalization. Micro soft had financial resources of up to $1.8 trillion as of December 1. If valued at a 30% premium, the Net flix company would be worth close to $190 billion. Finding considerable cost savings would be challenging, though.

Analysts predict that Netflix will Achieve an implied return on investment in 2024 that is barely 50% of its 8% weighted Average capital cost after deducting taxes from the $8 billion in operational profit.

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