Netflix recently increased the cost of its subscription plans and added a free basic plan with advertisements, but this hasn’t prevented its followers from binge-watching on the service.

Here are some features about Netflix that you didn’t know before and these features will enhance your video streaming experience

Stop auto-play for previews

This Netflix hack will solve an annoying problem of Netflix movies, series and TV shows previews which play automatically when you visit home page on any device. To get rid of this, tap on the Account icon and select your Profile and Parental Controls, there change the Playback settings that allows trailers to play automatically every time.

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Stop auto-play for the next episode

Do you spend a lot time watching Netflix movies and shows, you can limit the time you spend on endlessly watching next episodes. You can deselect the option in Settings.

After chaning the option in Settings, you will have the urge to manually select the next episode.

Delete Netflix history

Some people share their Netflix Account with friends and family members, and may feel embarrased about their Netflix binge-watching history. But they probably don’t know how to erase or delete their Netflix account history.

By tapping on Viewing Activity in the Account Settings, which will show your full  history on a page, you can choose the titles you want to delete.

Setting a PIN for your profile

Have you ever wondered that you can lock you Netflix Profile using PIN code, don’t worry here i have trick for you. This Netflix hack will help you stop being viewed by other users with a simple PIN setup.

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Open Account Settings by selecting your Profile Lock Option, and set a unique PIN code for your Profile.

Netflix shortcuts on keyboard

This hack is especially for laptops and desktop users, who want to make simple actions by using keys on their keyboard. like pause, play, skipping ahead or back 10 seconds, muting, controlling volume, etc.

Some keyboard shortcuts :

  • Space/Enter: Pause and play video
  • Tap right/left arrow key: Skip ahead or back 10 seconds
  • Hold right/left arrow key: Fast forward and rewind by 10 seconds
  • Up/down arrow key: Raise and lower volume
  • M key: Mute and unmute
  • F key: Toggle full screen on and off
  • S key: Skip the intro of TV shows

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Apple VR Headset is likely to be launched in 2023, May Cost $3,000

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