The well-known messaging program WhatsApp from Meta is presently developing a number of features. The camera and photo editing tool, both of which are now accessible in WhatsApp’s most recent beta version, have received some modest but important changes.

These features, as usual, were discovered by none other than WABetaInfo
whatsapp new feature 2023


Finally, WhatsApp’s camera section now offers separate photo and video recording options. You shouldn’t need to hold the button down like previously to record videos thanks to this.

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To begin recording, slide to the Video option and tap once. Similar to the majority of Android camera apps, tap once more to stop the recording. You can switch between the front and back cameras while recording by doing this.

Normally, WhatsApp releases new features to a small group of users first, but this upgrade is different. Everyone has access to it in the most recent beta version, thus its release is imminent.

More Whatsapp Editing Options

Additionally, WhatsApp intends to expand the text editing tools available in the photo editor. The most recent beta version of this feature was also discovered.

whatsapp gets a new feature 2023


This will give you more font selections and make it simpler to change the text inside of photographs, videos, and GIFs. We currently have access to the fonts Damion, Exoz, Courier Prime, Morning Breeze, and Castiloga.

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However These will only be accessible in the text editor, thus status updates won’t be able to use them just yet. There is currently no information on whether WhatsApp will ever provide that option.

A future upgrade of WhatsApp should bring the new text editing features to the stable version.

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