All the while letting people to customize their new Pixel phones before using their devices in the real world. Google has long kept the fold design as simple and convenient as possible, while also making it easy to use the camera app on Google Glass, because that’s where its focus is.

Google Glass uses a tiny square device and snaps photos into focus, as well as your face around the device as it’s being snapped. Now that Google’s made the fold design much more convenient for regular people (for example, Facebook doesn’t require Google Glass as a standalone app), people should be able to choose their Pixel phones in almost any application – for example there’s Google+ as well as Snapchat and Face + 1, and apps like Twitter should not interfere with that.

It’s an amazing move by Google’s designers. While the Google Glass app isn’t perfect, it is good at showing people what you can do with your phone. Not only does this new Pixel design offer a huge window onto how your Pixel and even Pixel phones stand, but it also gives the Pixel phone one of those special abilities that you can’t even try to achieve in the usual place.

I really enjoyed exploring the new Google Glass augmented reality technology that we have (and have been using for years), and I think it’s a nice step in bringing the Pixel and Pixel 2 glasses together.

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It looks like Google is hiding the Pixel Fold’s design. A Twitter user has noticed that the rendering of the Android 12L foldable smartphone actually matches the rendering he shared by Jon Prosser a few days ago.

Google appears to be hiding the Pixel Fold’s design from users

You can see the two renderings side by side, and the similarities are striking. John Prosser also liked this tweet! Given Prosser’s track record, it may be considering Designing Google’s first foldable smartphone. This Android 12L renderer of his just adds fuel to the fire.

google pixel fold

Google Pixel Fold | Source WaqarKhanTech

We’re still not sure if the device will be called the Pixel Fold, just as we have not seen any device on the market with a display as great as the Pixel.

So, as usual, what we can say. If it’s on or close to the Pixel in terms of specs and features, it looks like we’ll go with the Pixel 2 XL and the Pixel 2D. If not, perhaps a device called the Pixel Launcher that is available for Android 4.2.2 if it continues to push the Pixel.

And as always, it will be very interesting to see how this device turns out.

Google’s Pixel Fold Release Date

The device is expected to arrive alongside Pixel tablets in May 2023. The device apparently arrives in black and white. The white back plate model has a silver frame and camera island. So it is essentially a “snow” color and the other can be described as “obsidian“.

Google Pixel Fold May cost $1,899

According to information shared by Jon Prosser, the company’s first foldable smartphone will cost $1,899. So it will be quite expensive. We were expecting a slightly lower price, but you made it.

It looks like a modern foldable phone, at least in the images provided. On its home screen, it looks like the top and bottom bezels will be the same thickness, but they’ll be thicker than the side bezels. However, the phone looks pretty sleek in these renders.

It looks like the phone will have a visible camera hole on the outside screen, but it doesn’t appear to be on the inside. The three cameras will be on the back and the camera layout is similar to the Pixel 7 Pro.

The Rumored Google Pixel Fold has been around for a long time However, it looks like it will launch in May 2023. Perhaps we will have more information by then.

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