The GB WhatsApp app is claimed to offer more functionality than the original WhatsApp. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of using GB WhatsApp for your business by reading this article all the way through.

Alternative App For Official Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp provide more features than official Whatsapp. The potential use of these new resources might be beneficial for your whole business. However, using it is really worthy?

Why GB Whatsapp is not available on Play Store?

The Play Store policy for uploading app is strict and app has to pass certain security and privacy standards to be approved. Therefore, GB Whatsapp is not available on Play Store because it does not fulfil the Google’s policies to be able to be included in Play Store.

Without a legal licence, Modded App uses WhatsApp app’s source code. This implies that there is no way to confirm that the APP is secure and free of malware or viruses.

This means that there is no guarantee of security assured in this app.

Why does that matter? The first is that your contact list is publicly disclosed because end-to-end encryption may no longer be used. There is a chance that private user data might be accessible if the source code is compromised.

Data and conversational material may be intercepted, and viruses or harmful code may be present. Finally, there is a chance that WhatsApp will find the application and prevent the user from using the Official Whatsapp.

Why people use GB Whatsapp and what is it?

GB WhatsApp is a clone app, similar to the official WhatsApp. The app is only available for Android users and can only be downloaded through APK.

Resources that are not available in the original app are added by the APK. It is made up of compressed files that are typically created by third parties and may or may not meet the security and coding standards of the original application.

Features GB Whatsapp Provide

There are many features Modded Whatsapp provide which official Whatsapp does not, some are mentioned below :

  • Auto Reply
  • Send Maximum Pictures
  • Download Statuses
  • Mark the unread messages
  • More privacy features

How to download GB Whatsapp?

Unfortunately, the application is not available on Play Store. So you have to download it from third party websites, download the APK.

On the developer’s website, select “GB WhatsApp” and then “Download.” After you confirm on the download page, the file will begin to download. After that, just install and setup it.

There is a fun fact, that you can use both Whatsapp on same device.

After installing everything is same like official Whatsapp like, registering phone number and entering your name etc.

Is it SAFE to use GB Whatsappp?

The answer is NO, but the chances are 50/50. Firstly, the app is from third party developer. Secondly, there is no guarantee of privacy or security in this APP.

While using this app be aware of the fact that you can get banned from Whatsapp. Due to it’s low security.

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