In this article, we will look at the installation of Visual Studio Code

Downloading VS Code

  1. Open your favourite browser and download Microsoft VS Code installer from the link given below.
  2. To download Microsoft VS Code click on this link.
  3. On this page you will get 3 different installers. Download the installer according to your operating system. I am downloading VS Code Windows Installer.

    Visual Studio Code

    Picture 1

  4. After clicking on the installer you will be redirected to the new page and your downloading will be started automatically.
    4.1: If your download starts automatically at bottom than you can skip to point 5 and picture 3.
    4.2: Otherwise if a dialog comes like in picture 2 you have to select the location in which you want to download VS Code installer file.
    4.3: I am selecting my downloads folder as can be seen in picture 2. After selecting the downloading folder you can simply click on “save” button to start downloading.

    Visual Studio Code

    Picture 2

  5. Now, VS Code installer is downloading.

    Visual Studio Code

    Picture 3

  6. After download completes “Right click on the file” and click on “Show in folder” As can be seen in picture 4.

    Visual Studio Code

    Picture 4

  7. Here is the VS Code installer. Now, right click on it and click on open to start the installation.

    Visual Studio Code

    Picture 5

    Picture 6

Installating Vs Code

  1. Now click on “I accept the agreement” then click on “Next”.

    Visual Studio Code

    Picture 7

  2. Here, you can select the location where you want to install Microsoft VS Code.
    You can select the location by clicking on “Browse”
    I am leaving the default installing location and than click on “Next”

    Picture 8

  3. Again click on “Next”.

    Picture 9

  4. Now, check on 3 checkboxes as can be seen in picture 10.

    Picture 10

  5. Click “Install”

    Picture 11

  6. Now, you can see installing is going on. It will take some seconds to complete.

    vs code

    Picture 12

  7. VS Code has been installed now click on “Finish”.

    vs code

    Picture 13

Here we have latest Visual Studio Code in Windows 10
vs code

Picture 14

In this article, i have explained step by step instalation of VS code if you any questions or queries feel free to contact us or let us know in the comments.


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