The World’s largest Iphone producer Foxconn, has been shaken this week as workers’ unhappiness has manifested in protests that have led to Altercations with security agents.

Worldwide Shortage of iPhones is Anticipated

The specifics State that Foxconn then issued an Apology for a pay-related Technical problem that occurred after hiring the most recent batch, who asserted that they had been misinformed about benefits associated with salary.

According to reports, the corporation has made a quit-and-leave-the-premises offer to each protesting new hire of CNY 10,000 (about $1,400).

Funny enough, it seems like the offer was a little too successful; according to sources, over 20,000 employees took advantage of it, which caused a widespread exodus.

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It is important to note that most of the departing workers were recent hires who had not yet worked on production lines and who were taking the money and running with the tempting offer. Here it should be noted that the plant had over 200,000 workers prior to the crisis.

The widespread Resignation is a situation that could have a severe impact on Iphone production and shipments. Apple announced on November 7 that it would release fewer iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max units than Anticipated.

The same warning on the dearth of High-end Iphones during the holiday (Christmas) season was also made by Best Buy on November 14.


According to Foxconn, the incident had a significant impact on the company’s reputation but little effect on its capacity because most of the resignations came from new hires who had not yet received training or started working.

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