Google Maps will get a new augmented reality feature in the coming days that lets you use your phone’s camera to see what’s around. The business stated on Thursday that the Search with Live View feature will now include accessibility symbols and a tool to assist users in finding the best EV charging.

Google Maps Live View

With Search with Live View enabled, Google Maps will show essential information about what it sees through your camera as you move around London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, or Tokyo. Locations like hotels, restaurants, ATMs, and street names fall under this category. Users only need to tap the camera button next to the microphone in Google Maps.

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Google Maps Augmented Reality

The change serves as an example of Google’s efforts to upgrade its services by merging the power of its substantial informational databases with the data-collection capabilities of our phones. Even while entering information via a keyboard is a valuable way, Google’s advancements in this field with cameras and augmented reality are meant to help us understand the world around us more directly.

Electric Vehicles Charger

Google Maps has undergone another significant modification that may be of interest to owners of electric vehicles who need to charge their vehicles. You may filter charging station information in the latest Google Maps to identify fast chargers or plugs that work with your electric vehicle (EV).

Maps will also now have wheelchair icons for users that need accessibility features.

Food Related Search

Other improvements will be made to the overall Google Search functionality. On Thursday will see the addition of food-related queries to multisearch. You can snap a screenshot or take a picture of a dish you want to sample and then add the phrase “near me” using the Google app’s Lens feature. This lists local restaurants that serve that meal.

Google Maps AR Lens

The Lens AR translation system, according to Google, also does a better job of translating signs and other items written in foreign languages and showing them in your language. When trying to grasp a menu printed in a foreign language, this is quite useful.

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    1. We will update about Electric vehicles on our Blog soon… stay tune !

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