The third 200MP picture sensor from Samsung The flagship ISOCELL HP2 has been introduced. It will likely be used in the future Galaxy S23 Ultra. It is an amazing piece of hardware even though it is still not a 1-inch image sensor like Sony’s enormous IMX989 seen on some Chinese top phones.

The ISOCELL HP2, which has 0.6-micron pixels and is smaller than its predecessor at 1/1.3 inches, is equipped with D-VTG (Dual Vertical Transfer Gate) technology, which boosts pixel capacity by over 33%, improving color and lowering overexposure in pictures and videos.


In addition to having a 200MP resolution, the Samsung ISOCELL HP2 also features TetraPixel binning technology, which enables it to take photographs with 1.2 m pixels for 50 MP and 2.4 m pixels for 12.5 MP.

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The sensor can shoot videos at 8K/30 frames per second with a broader field of vision when using its 50MP mode. Super QPD, a revolutionary autofocus technology, uses all 200 million pixels for focusing and combines the four neighboring pixels on the sensor to improve recognition of changes in horizontal and vertical patterns in low light.

It is also one of the fastest sensors on the market, capable of capturing fifteen 200-megapixel photos in a single second.

DSG technology, which enables the sensor to record both short and long exposures simultaneously, is a feature of the Samsung ISOCELL HP2’s HDR capabilities. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra users will be able to simultaneously record 4K/60FPS HDR films and 12.5MP still photographs thanks to Smart ISO Pro, which is also included in the package.

In relation to the new sensor, JoonSeo Yim Executive Vice President of the Sensor Business Team at Samsung has the following to say:

Samsung’s high-resolution image sensor technologies and cutting-edge expertise are utilized by the Samsung ISOCELL HP2 to capture exquisite details. We are leaders because of cutting-edge pixel technologies that enable our sensors to function in ways that go beyond the size and number of pixels. We’ll keep expanding our horizons and establishing our position in the ultra-high-resolution sensor market, which is now expanding.

Additional proof that the new ISOCELL HP2 would be used on the Galaxy S23 Ultra comes from Samsung’s confirmation that it is now being mass-produced.


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