According to South Korean media, phone manufacturer Samsung has drastically reduced its shipment target for the Galaxy A23 5G. This year, Samsung planned to sell Approximately 12.6 million units of the 5G variant and 17.1 million units of the 4G variant.

Samsung A23 5G

The Reduced shipment target for the Galaxy A23 5G is currently less than 4 million units, according to a report by The Elec. This represents a sharp reduction of 70% from the initial aim. It might be connected to a puzzling problem with this model.

The same Article also claimed that “a certain feature” on the phone seriously hampered the use of the device. A month-long examination by Samsung was required to pinpoint the issue.

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We can assume that this issue and the accompanying inquiry may have something to do with why the A23 4G was initially released in March while the A23 5G did not hit the market until September of this year, even if this is not explicitly mentioned, even in the form of a rumor.

Although the issue was subsequently fixed, Galaxy currently intends to create fewer A23 5G devices due to “the troubles it caused”. In 2023, the “sub 4 million” aim will be revised to “5 million” units.

The A7x Series Is Over?

According to rumors, the Samsung Galaxy A73 will be the final device of its sort because the entire lineup will shortly be withdrawn. But fear not, the Galaxy A5x and A2x will be unaffected, solely affecting the A7x phones. In fact, according to sources, Samsung will concentrate more on A5 series phones after the A7 family is finished.

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