After receiving criticism for a new rule prohibiting “free promotion” of rival platforms, Elon Musk Twitter poll about his leadership.

Following criticism of the company’s most recent contentious policy change, Elon Musk has urged users to vote on whether he should leave his position as CEO of the social media site.

Elon Musk Twitter Poll

Should I resign as Twitter’s CEO? I’ll  follow the poll’s findings, Elon Musk Tweeted on Sunday.

Only 5 hours remain before the poll’s conclusion, but it is presently in the lead with favorable votes. The number of voters is currently around 12 million.

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It is reasonable to believe that Musk will soon be stepping down as CEO of Twitter because he has kept his word with each of his prior polls.

According to some sources, Musk only planned to serve as CEO temporarily. He announced that he will hire someone to run the business just one month ago. The issue is not hiring a chief executive, but instead finding one who can keep the site going, according to Musk, who said that the firm has been “in the fast lane towards bankruptcy since May.”

Despite facing criticism for his #TwitterFiles journalist ghosting his appeals for a public reaction, Musk may be willing to temporarily sell his expensive toy to someone else.

Musk didn’t address it in his tweets, but the recent Twitter incident is undoubtedly clouded by the fact that Tesla’s stock has dropped below $150 per share, or about 50% less than it was a year ago. Musk also dropped to second place on Forbes’ ranking of the world’s richest people.

Tesla Needs New CEO

According to Reuters, KoGuan Leo, a self-described Musk fanatic and Tesla’s third-largest individual investor, tweeted earlier this week that Elon had “abandoned Tesla” and that the company required a new CEO.

Musk has largely followed the poll results that were published in his Tweet, but that could change. Additionally, he said that “No major content decision or account reinstatement” would be made without first calling a meeting of the content moderator council. Retroactively, he asserted that this was no longer accurate because activist organizations “broke the pact.”

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