According to the promise made in September of last year to introduce this monetization option, YouTube has announced that starting on February 1st, producers will be able to earn money from their “Shorts” video through advertising.

Shorts are a popular genre on Pakistani YouTube, so this tweak might increase local Creators’ earnings there. Additionally, it will aid in drawing more content producers to the platform.

YouTube Partner Program

This Modification is a part of a larger upgrade to YouTube’s Partner Program, which now necessitates that all partners, whether or not they intend to monetize their Shorts, sign new agreement conditions. Previously, the company’s creator fund and features like Super Chats and retail connections were the only ways for creators to profit from Shorts.

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This technique was less Advantageous than TikTok’s monetization strategy, which divides ad money directly with creators, as YouTube has been doing for traditional videos for years. It is now expanding to include Shorts.

If they so want Creators can Decide not to Monetize their Shorts work.


Every participant in the program must sign a base Agreement outlining what type of content can be posted on the site and how payments are made. YouTube is creating a modular Approach for the Partner Program’s conditions. This only applies to content producers who have a partnership with YouTube already.

Partners have until July 10, 2023, to accept the revised terms; after that date, monetization will stop and they will need to reapply for the program. Partners must independently agree to a separate agreement that governs the “Watch Page” and Shorts monetization requirements.

The Shorts Deal which goes into effect on February 1st will provide content producers a share of the money made from the commercials seen in-between videos in the Shorts Feed. Other services like live streaming and classic “long-form” videos on YouTube, YouTube Music, or YouTube Kids are also covered by the Watch Page agreement.

Additionally, there is an Addendum for “Commerce products” like memberships, Super Chats, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks, though YouTube asserts that creators won’t need to accept these terms if they have already Activated these services for their channel.

With this modular strategy, YouTube can Add new revenue streams without updating or modifying the monetization agreement altogether. Additionally, after signing up for a certain monetization module, creators can opt out of it.

New Conditions for Eligibility

The news that Shorts will be made monetizable comes as YouTube updates the criteria for becoming a YouTube Partner. In the past, having 4,000 people watch your video in the last 12 months was one of the prerequisites. Shorts were subject to that demand as of October 2022.

According to a recent update on YouTube’s Partner Program overview and eligibility help page, that is no longer the case as of January 2023. In order to be eligible, one must have either 4,000 hours of non-Shorts content or 10 million views on publicly available Shorts during the previous 90 days. However, in order to qualify, creators in both situations must have at least 1,000 subscribers.

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