For Billions of Users Globally, WhatsApp, an instant messaging service owned by Meta, keeps innovating and enhancing the user experience. WaBetaInfo says that the business is currently developing a new feature that will enable users to block contacts directly from the notification bar.

Prior to this, WhatsApp gave users the opportunity to manage their contacts by blocking someone from the conversation list. The company will now enable customers to ban contacts even more swiftly and easily, taking it a step further.

WhatsApp New Update

WaBetaInfo claims that users won’t see the new Functionality unless they receive a message from a contact they don’t know or trust. The purpose of this is to stop users from unintentionally blocking trustworthy contacts while replying to someone through Alerts.

Whatsapp new button

The New Function, which will be made accessible to users in a future version of the program, will be a fantastic addition to this App increasing list of user-friendly features.

Whats App’s Dedication to providing its users with a smooth and effective experience is demonstrated by this new functionality.

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