Bluesky New Alternative App to Twitter with Advanced Moderation Features
Bluesky, the new alternative to Twitter developed by Jack Dorsey, has finally been released on Android devices through invitation only. Previously introduced on Apple’s App Store in February, the app offers similar features to Twitter, including the ability to search and follow other users, create posts with photos, and more. However, as it is still in beta, it has a limited user base of approximately 25,000 and lacks features such as direct messaging.

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Empowering Users to Customize Their Social Media Experience

Originally created in 2019 as a Twitter-supported project, Bluesky aimed to establish a new decentralized standard for social media platforms. Since its separation from Twitter in 2021, it has become one of many new Twitter clones, including Mastodon, that have emerged in the wake of Elon Musk’s acquisition. Bluesky’s CEO, Jay Graber, stated in a recent blog post that the app empowers users to determine their preferred social media experience.

For Developers, an open marketplace of algorithms will provide the freedom to experiment with and publish algorithms that anyone can use. For users, the ability to customize their feed will give them back control of their most valuable resource: their attention.

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Bluesky is Available through Invitation-Only Access

Graber also revealed that moderation is the final piece of the puzzle before launching the app to the public. With user safety being a top priority, the app will use a combination of automated filtering and server-level moderation controlled by admins. Additionally, users will be able to subscribe to additional sets of moderation labels that can filter out more content or accounts.

The Future of Social Media Platforms with Bluesky

In conclusion, Bluesky is the latest addition to the world of social media platforms, offering a unique user experience that puts the power in the hands of its users. With the app now available on Android devices through invitation only, its full public launch is eagerly anticipated.

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