TikTok is a super hyped short video creator app that allows its users to watch, share, and create a short 15-second to 60-second video. Well, as it has billions of users all around the world, there is no need for a detailed introduction. So let’s talk about how it became the most popular social media app right after its launch. And the answer is its amazing features that keep users hooked by entertaining and providing information.

With its personalized feed of setting music and sound effects into the videos, this app became more noticeable. This feature enables the creators to create high-quality content and showcase their talent in many ways, it allows the creators and the user to engage by liking their content and commenting on
their thoughts about the content.

The massive use of this app attracted more creators to use this platform for showcasing their talent, providing information, spreading awareness, and much more. It also allows one to share videos with friends and family which becomes the main reason for people to
enjoy more.

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TikTok set a record by ranking on top social media apps in a very short time. It has 1 million daily global users. As it was becoming so popular it got access to 150 different countries and certainly became the most hyped social media app so far.

Pros and cons of TikTok


Creativity: It is an amazing platform for creating content, creators can unleash their creativity and express themselves through short videos. It encourages artists and enhances their self-confidence.

Accessibility: the main reason behind its popularity is that it is user-friendly and easily accessible for everyone. Anyone can create content and reach a wider audience with just a smartphone. This is a plus point for creators to express themselves worldwide.

Entertainment: TikTok offers a vast range of entertainment such as comedy, dancing, and acting. It keeps the users engaged and provides a source of leisure.

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Educational content: TikTok is a great platform to increase awareness about worldly issues. It is not only limited to entertainment but provides a huge range of informative content such as science, history, geography, cooking, and many more in-demand skills.

Marketing and monetization opportunities: TikTok offers massive marketing opportunities as it has billions of users worldwide it is a great platform to promote products and increase marketing potential. It offers potential monetization through brand partnership, sponsorship, and advertising. This evolving huge opportunities for many creators and marketers to earn a good amount.


Addictive nature: The endless scrolling and auto-play feature make TikTok highly addictive, leading the users to excessive screen time, and distracting from other responsibilities. It is consuming so much valuable time of people and making them lazy.

Impact on mental health: Excessive use of TikTok is highly affecting the mental health of the users. Some content may trigger the feelings of sensitive people which increases the chances of anxiety. Depression, and stress. Also, the comparison of one’s life to the highly curated content of others may lead to a negative impact on mental health.

Cyberbullying and harassment: TikTok is not immune to cyberbullying and harassment just like other social media apps. Users may face some hurtful content or comments, and offensive content especially young people getting so much affected by this.

Privacy concerns: TikTok has faced some serious issues regarding data privacy and security. After that TikTok was banned in many countries, but then the Chinese government which owns TikTok took some serious actions and worked to make it more secure.

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TikTok is no doubt a good and beneficial app for people who are earning from this app or for those who are getting knowledge from this platform. It also plays a crucial role in entertaining people through comedy and other stuff, but the whole thing depends upon one’s way of using it. Some people are giving bad comments, some are body shaming others and some are stealing private data. It depends on how we use social media apps to bring positivity rather than spreading negativity. At the end of the day, it’s us who are making it worthy.

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