Although 5G isn’t yet accessible in Pakistan, PTA has already published instructions on how to get your phone ready for the upcoming mobile network. This indicates that the introduction of 5G is most likely scheduled for later this year.

But only 5G-capable cell phones will be able to connect to it.

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Do You Have a 5G Compatible Phone?

The majority of 5G-capable Android phones do feature the word “5G” in their names. All iPhone models 12 and after support it in terms of Apple mobile devices.

You may easily visit gsm arena and search for your device if you’re unclear if your phone supports 5G. See if it has 5G support by looking at the “Networks” row on the top row.


You should enable Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), the most recent iteration of Internet Protocol, if your phone does support 5G, for better connection quality, faster internet, and many other benefits.

This is due to the PTA’s directive that IPv6 connections be used for the rollout of 5G and IoT services.

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This is How you can Enable IPv6

On Android handsets, enabling IPv6 is a simple process. Simply go to your phone’s settings and select “Connections” for Samsung mobile devices. Go to Mobile networks > Access Point Names > Ufone from here (or other networks). Select “IPv4/IPv6underAPN protocol” as you scroll down.

This is How you can Enable IPv6

You might need to locate SIM settings or mobile network settings for other OEMs like Xiaomi, Oppo, Infinix, etc., but the overall procedure is the same. Choose the SIM card you use for mobile internet on dual-SIM phones, then complete the settings as described above.

Your phone is now ready to use 5G after you’ve finished enabling IPv6.

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