With the recent update to Google Maps, which can analyze your surroundings for location, directions, and more, the future is here.

Simply use your phone’s camera to scan your surroundings instantly, and the app will use Augmented Reality (AR) to mark up nearby roads and places for you.

Google Maps AR-based Live View

The feature is called AR-based Live View Search, and it was announced for Maps in September of this year. Google is finally rolling out the update as promised, but for now it will only be available in select cities around the world. These cities include London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

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As mentioned earlier, the Live View feature will apply overlays to your surroundings, point to landmarks with dots, or name other locations you’re looking for. That’s what it looks like.

Power of AI and AR

The feature is powered by AI and AR as well as billions of street images that have mapped the world over the past few years. It is intended to help you better understand your surroundings, which will be especially helpful if you are not familiar with the area. It can show banks, restaurants, ATMs, shops, etc., even if the location is not shown or nearby.

Labels on these locations will contain useful information such as peak times, product price range, ratings, and whether it’s open or closed.

For example, if you search for EV charging stations, it will show you compatible and fast charging stations over 50kW around you.

Wheelchair search

Wheelchair search is also rolling out in many parts of the world with this update. It was initially only available in Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States and maybe in more countries.

Google will roll out new updates to iOS and Android devices next week.

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