Google Search Continous Scroll

Google recently Announced that search results on desktop will now scroll continuously rather than being split into many pages.

Google Infinite Scroll

Although Google’s version isn’t quite the “infinite scroll” that users of social networks are accustomed to, the tweak is similar of how contemporary social media feeds operate. In order to view additional results, visitors will now be presented with a “See more” button after the first six pages of results from a Google Search have been displayed, according to Google.

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Google Search Results

Search results have been spread across a number of linked pages for as long as most people can remember, which visitors can click through to continue surfing. Google asserts that continual scrolling would speed up and simplify browsing, but some users are likely to overlook how pages frequently serve as a natural checkpoint to see if they have all the information they require.

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Google claims that initially, the change will only apply to US-originating English Google Search queries. Since the organization added continuous scroll to its own mobile app in October, it is probably going to happen for other countries and languages in the future as well.


In my opinion Google’s ‘Continous Scrolling’ feature will help users to speed up their work and simplify browsing. Google Search is being used by almost every person around the world. This feature was most requested among the users and now it is finally out, but only in English search queries in US. According to Google, they will roll out the feature in other countries soon.

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