Sony has launched Sony Mocopi, a portable and lightweight motion capture system that can be used to control a digital avatar in real-time in Metaverse applications such as VR Chat.

The kit includes six button-like tracking tags — one for your head, hip, both ankles, and wrists — that connect via Bluetooth to an Android or iOS smartphone app to send motion data to compatible services like Unity.

Sony Mocopi Live Motion Tracking Device

Despite having a similar size and weight to an Apple AirTag, the Mocopi sensors weigh only 8g and have a 32mm (or 1.2 inches) diameter. Because it is entirely wireless and does not require a base station, the system is portable.

Sony Mocopi Trackers

The Mocopi trackers can be fully charged using the USB-C charging case in around 90 minutes. Although it would depend on the usage situation, Sony claims Mocopi can reach a battery life of up to 10 hours.

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Sony Mocopi Devices

Additionally, on December 15, Sony will release a software development kit (SDK) that connects motion capture data with Metaverse services and 3D programming tools like Unity and Autodesk MotionBuilder.

Sony Mocopi Tracker Vision

According to the translated press release unveiling the technology, this might be used to create new services for the fitness sector. We can also envision game developers and VFX artists using it as they don’t have the money for high-end motion capture tools.

A few aspects in the press release are not clear, such as if the Mocopi system may be directly connected to a VR headset or PC or whether the smartphone app is necessary for all external communication.

A Leap Motion tracker or VR controllers may be required for those that require finger tracking, as it isn’t stated in this article.

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However, given that this technology is entirely devoid of base stations or wires, it might be a well-liked substitute for pricey motion-capture suits for Vtubers and early adopters of the metaverse (you know, when it eventually rolls out legs).

Sony’s Mocopi Settings/Usage (In Video)

Sony Mocopi Release Date and Price

Sony Mocopi is scheduled to go on sale in late January 2023 at a suggested retail price of 49,500 yen (almost about $360). However, Sony will show off the technology at Virtual Market 2022 Winter between December 3 and December 18, giving us an opportunity to see it in action before the release.

Sony Mocopi Operating System

These are the operating systems which suppports Sony Mocopi Live Motion Tracker :

  1. VRChat
  2. Unity
  3. MotionBuilder
  4. virtualmotioncapture

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I think these Motion Trackers are evolution to Metaverse and Virtual Reality (VR) world. They will provide new opportunities to developers and designers in Metaverse.

What do you think about Mocopi Trackers?

let me know in the comments, your feedback will be appreciated.

If there is anything that i have missed to mention about these “Sony Mocopi Motion Tracker” please let me know in the comments. It will be appreciated and will help us improve our website to give you better experience.

Find all the details about product at Sony’s Official Website. Price, Release date and all the other deatils. But the information is in Japanese you have to Google Translator to translate Japanese into English.

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