You’ll soon be able to swipe between Twitter interfaces that feature suggested and followed tweets, Trends, and Topics. The Navigation feature will be Accessible in January, According to Elon Musk.

CEO of Twitter

The first time that this function was Alluded to was in October when the CEO Elon Musk  said that the “primary timeline should allow for a quick sideways swipe between top, latest, trending, and subjects that you follow.” By tapping the stars icon in the top-right corner, users can switch between the Home timeline and a chronological timeline that displays the most recent tweets in order.

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With this New function, more views are Added to the UI and are easier to reach by swiping. Although it appears to be highly handy, it could be challenging to Adjust to. Users could unintentionally scroll across the timeline when switching between different views if the new navigation technique is implemented badly.

The function increases the number of list views on tweets and the priority ranking in conversations for Blue members, though it is unclear when it will be available to other users. According to Musk, the next update should go live in January, which is just one day away at this point.

Naturally, it won’t just materialize for everyone when January rolls around. Before it progressively spreads to everyone, we might be a few weeks into the month. It’s conceivable that Pakistan will get it a few days later than the rest of the world.

Views on Public Tweets

Twitter just opened up tweet views to the whole public, as was previously mentioned. Previously, the Activity Dashboard could only show you views for your tweets, but it is now also possible to check opinions for other people’s tweets.

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