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“After using my friend’s most recent computer with Windows 11, I became intrigued by the operating system. My computer a brand-New Alienware laptop that I just bought last month, perfectly complies with all prerequisites for the Windows 11 upgrade.

However, as I primarily use my laptop for gaming, I’m unsure how the upgrade would impact the gameplay. Windows 11 versus Windows 10: which is better for gaming? I must have the outcome right away, ideally with thorough Windows 11 vs. Windows 10 gaming test findings.”

With its new design language, Windows 11 has won over a sizable user base, including many gamers, however More gamers are still waiting and watching because they are unsure of whether Windows 11 will improve their gaming experience or, more specifically, because they want to know which operating system is better for gaming: Windows 11 or Windows 10?

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What Specific Features Does Windows 11 Have for Gaming?

Is Windows 11 more advantageous for gaming than Windows 10? Remember that Windows 11 offers more performance enhancements than Windows 10, including memory management, sleep state recovery, reduced disc usage, and browser caching. However, the three new features—Auto HDR, Direct Storage, and Game Pass—are what gamers should focus on.

  • Auto HDR: High Dynamic Range Imaging (Auto HDR) is a function that is simply enabled automatically in games that support HDR, enhancing the visual impact of the game and your gaming experience. However, it also puts more strain on the CPU and graphics card, which will somewhat slow down game frame rate. Overall, not all gamers should use the Auto HDR option, especially those with relatively basic computer setups.
  • Game Pass: Xbox Game Pass is a handy feature for console Gamers and allows you to play more games for less money in Windows 11. Overall, Game Pass is only accessible to console players, therefore if you like MMO games, you shouldn’t use this function.
  • Direct Storage: To speed up game loading and texture loading, DirectStorage can bypass the CPU, although this capability needs an NVMe SSD. Overall, DirectStorage is not useful for gamers with less powerful computers, but it is a function that improves the gaming experience for those with more powerful computers.

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Gaming Performance Comparison Windows 11 VS Windows 10

Microsoft positioned DirectX 12 as a required upgrade for Windows 11 in an effort to appeal to gamers, claiming that “If you’re a gamer, Win 11 is for you.” However, according to the findings of benchmark testing comparing Win 11 with Win 10 for gaming, Win 11 is not as well-suited as claimed. The comparison of the gaming performance between Windows 10 and Windows 11 yielded the following results.

  • Entry-level configuration: If your computer has an entry-level setup, that is, one that falls below the following specifications for the CPU, memory, and graphics card: Intel Core i5 10400F or R5-3600 (GTX 1650 or RX 5500XT). Then upgrading to Win 11 is not advised because it can damage your gaming experience and decrease performance.
  • Mid-range configuration: If your computer has a mid-range configuration, meaning it has a CPU (Intel Core i5 11600 or AMD Ryzen R5-5600X), RAM (16GB DDR4-3200), and graphics card but falls below the entry-level configuration, then (GTX 3060 or RX 5700XT). It is advised to hold off on upgrading for the time being and wait until after the significant patch update in Winter 2022, even though Windows 11’s gaming performance in this configuration is nearly identical to that of Windows 10’s.
  • High-end configuration: If your computer has a high-end configuration, that is, if it has a CPU (Intel Core i7 11700K or AMD Ryzen R9-5900X), RAM (32GB DDR4-3600), and graphics card that are not the following: (GTX 3080 or RX 6800XT). You can choose to upgrade for a better gaming experience because this configuration performs better with Win 11 games.

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Sad News for AMD users

It is important to note that AMD Gamers will not enjoy Win 11. Windows 11 significantly increases the L3 cache latency of Ryzen CPUs compared to Windows 10, which might reduce actual gaming performance by 5% to 15%. Therefore, it is advised that you hold off on upgrading to Win 11 for the time being if you have an AMD Ryzen CPU.


DirectStorage is one of these capabilities that is also accessible on Windows 10. Windows 11 is the better platform for gamers right now, especially now that some of the performance concerns have been resolved. Microsoft has made it obvious that gaming is a significant focus for Windows 11.

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